BlackBerry Storm 2 coming this week to Vodafone?

Reports are suggesting that RIM is preparing to launch the BlackBerry Storm 2 on Vodafone this week, as it ditches the QWERTY hard keys and attempts t

The original BlackBerry Storm was launched late last year in an attempt to take on the iPhone, but was bombarded with poor reviews, including a well-documented Twitter blasting by Stephen Fry.

Most frustrations were due to the phone’s poor unresponsive touchscreen and its lack of Wifi.

However it’s thought RIM has tackled many of the problems that previously troubled the handset. The SurePress technology which requires you to actually press the screen rather than just touch it has been upgraded to make it easier to use, and durable rubber keys have replaced the previous side buttons that were known to fall off.

It’s also thought that the call, end, menu and back hard buttons have been integrated into the touchscreen, making the Storm 2 a complete touchscreen device.

Having cropped up a bit later than first expected, the BlackBerry Storm 2 is expected to be available to Vodafone customers who sign up to a £30 a month contract.

We’ll be keeping you updated with all of the news on this as it happens, so keep checking back and be sure to have a look at what we thought of the first BlackBerry Storm in our full review and hands on video.

Via: The Guardian