BlackBerry Storm 2 to be confirmed today?

RIM is expected to confirm the rumoured BlackBerry Storm 2 today, with the news that it is to be a Vodafone exclusive – at least for its first f

We’re set to have a meeting with the big bosses at RIM later this morning, and a review of the handset leaked by the Wall Street Journal, as well as a report from the Guardian as to specifics of the Vodafone deal certainly points towards an announcement of the Storm 2.

As the name suggests, the BlackBerry Storm 2 is RIM’s second attempt to crack the touchscreen market that has been so dominated by the iPhone, and is hoping to improve on the bad impressions left by its predecessor last November.

The Guardian is reporting that it is set to hit the shelves on 26 October with Vodafone, and will be free to customers signing up to a £35 per month contract for a whopping two years.

However RIM has apparently demanded that the device be available across operators, so Vodafone’s exclusivity is thought to be just a few weeks – although it was unclear if any other operators would be stocking the Storm 2 this side of Christmas.

As for changes to the handset, the Guardian says its seen the new Storm 2 and that the SurePress technology that made the touchscreen such a problem in the original, has been improved with four sensors rather than one.

As previously reported the four hard buttons on the original have been integrated into the touchscreen, and the buttons on the side have been replaced with more durable rubber keys.

There is also expected to be a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, video recording, a rather small 2GB of on board storage (expandable to 16GB using microSD, and – hurrah – a 3.5mm jack and Wifi.

Keep it locked to for all the official details later, and hopefully some hands on snaps if the folk at RIM will let us get our hands on it.

Via: The Guardian