BlackBerry social network launching tomorrow

RIM is set to launch its own social network that will allow BlackBerry users to share tips on apps and advice on handsets and accessories.MyBlackBerry

MyBlackBerry will launch tomorrow, and will give BB owners their own social profile to out their opinions on their "BlackBerry experiences" – good and bad – with other BlackBerry users. And you can be sure RIM will be paying close attention.

With a bulletin board-like appearance, you'll only get info that applies to you, as your profile will be personalised to the type of BlackBerry you have.

The move is no doubt an attempt to improve the BlackBerry App World store, which is still slacking behind Apple's App Store, as Steve Jobs is only to quick to brag about.

MyBlackBerry launches tomorrow – should Apple think about doing something similar? Let us know your thoughts below.

Via: TechCrunch