BlackBerry services finally 'restored worldwide', possible compensation

Quick, BlackBerrys at the ready. Normal service has resumed… kind of

We have a feeling there will be lots of high-fiving today among BBM users, as BlackBerry announced last night its online services were finally on the mend.

In a short press conference, RIM's co-CEO Mike Lazaridis apologised for RIM's major fail and announced online serves for its BlackBerry handsets are now fully operational after a server crash caused millions of users to be without BBM and internet functionality – or according to some disgruntled BB users, "completely alone" and "cut off from the world".

He confirmed the three-day BlackBerry outage was the result of a switch failure that toppled a server, which created a backlog of messages, thus clogging up services around the world. However, despite giving BB users a reason to live again and assuring us the company is "working around the clock" to fix the problems, he could not comment on when the service will return to absolute normality.

So it's likely some will still experience a crippled BB service, until everything is 100 percent restored. And if you're at a loss over what to do, there is one piece of advice you can follow: "rebooting your phone by removing the battery then reinserting." Ahhh, the good ol' failsafe method.

In the latest development, RIM is looking into compensating customers in order to go some way towards undoing the damage. We don't know how much, or how it's going to evaluate the disruption caused, but BlackBerry has said it's "something we plan to come back to these customers on, very soon."


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