BlackBerry Messenger to launch on Android and iOS

Could RIM be shooting itself in the foot by syndicating BlackBerry Messenger?

RIM could be bringing its BlackBerry Messenger service to iOS and Android.

BlackBerry Messenger is one of the strongest attributes, unique to BlackBerry, stopping their users defecting to Apple and Android. Now Research In Motion (RIM) is talking about giving it away for free. Have a rotten bag of berries sent them all a bit mental? We don’t think so.

Third-party apps like WhatsApp and Kik have been cutting in on what was once solely RIM’s creation. By syndicating, there can be one RIM to rule them all, even if that means giving it away for free initially. Very clever. Let’s hope they aren’t overreaching and killing BlackBerry in the process.

Expect BBM on Android first with plans to launch on iOS in the future.