BlackBerry Kickstart hits Expansys

Expansys is at it again. After leaking deets on the touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder last month, now the eatiler has let clamshell BlackBerry Kickstart

Turns out we'll be getting two different versions, the 8220 with Wi–Fi and 8120 with GPS. Both models will feature the slimmed down QWERTY 'board, as found on the Pearl, with a 2.6in main display, coming in at 320x240.

Round the back there's a 2MP snapper, with micro SD and video recording under the hood. You also get micro USB, Bluetooth 2.0 and AAC track support. The leak was unearthed by the fellas at Cellpassion.

If you want a release date, you're going to have to wait. There's not one available, but with RIM already having to deal with incessant leaks about the Thunder and Javelin, expect to see it arriving in its official capacity soon.


BlackBerry Kickstart

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: RIM