BlackBerry to get full Flash and Silverlight support?

BlackBerry is reportedly set to go one up on Apple with the integration of both full Flash and Microsoft Silverlight support into its BlackBerry brows

Flash support was one of the improvements many had hoped for from Apple in the iPhone 3.0 upgrade, but its oversight sees Flash sites still frustratingly out of bounds from Apple's handset.

Silverlight on the other hand is another popular choice for websites to show off multimedia content, including audio and video clips. This is also unavailable on the iPhone.

However, it seems BlackBerry will have both applications at their fingertips by sometime around next summer – it seems a long time to wait, but it appears RIM is only in the early stages of planning the browser additions.

It is reported BlackBerry is waiting for higher end handsets and higher data speeds before they want to introduce the new features, as don't forget – this is full Flash, not Flash Lite.

As always, take this rumour with a pinch of hopeful salt for now and be sure to keep it locked to for the latest as we get it.

Via: BGR