BlackBerry Curve 8900 hitting T–Mobile today

We've already pawed the BlackBerry Curve 8900, given it the unboxing treatment and found it sits rather snugly in our jeans pocket. But it's good to k

Available for nowt on contract, the new Curve offers up the same as the original, but in a slim 13.5mm frame, with a high–res screen and BlackBerry Bold–matching menus.

There's room for up to 16GB of storage, a 3.2MP snapper and of course the same email software we're all hopelessly addicted to.

The only thing that's lacking is 3G, which does seem a like a real shame for web addicts on the move. Still, seeing as it's the entry level effort from RIM, we can't moan too much.

You can see our snaps of the Curve 8900 in our unboxing blog right now. Tell us what you think of RIM's latest blower in the comments section and remember to mouth off about it in the forums too.


BlackBerry Curve 8900

Price: Free on £35 contract

On sale: Now

Contact: T–Mobile