Blackberry Bold 9700 picture gallery and hands-on

This week Blackberry welcomed a new addition into the fold - the Bold 9700 - which according to a Blackberry representative is "one of the best phon

There's no word on what network will gets its hands on it but the Bold 9700 will be available as of the beginning of November. And just for fun, here's an interesting Blackberry Bold 9700 fact: During testing the Blackberry Bold 9700 was dropped more than 123,000 times from different heights (30cm to 2cm) and angles, to ensure the best possible quality standard is achieved. Told you it was fun. Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Do you have a favourite Bold handset? What do you think of Blackberry's decision to slim the new Bold down? Whatever your opinion, be sure to let us know. Or why not watch our hands on video.