BlackBerry addiction, nursery rhymes and sailing – Kirsty Gallacher on her favourite gadgets

I love gadgets but I’m not very good with them I get all of the latest things to make my life easier or just because it’s handy, but I&rsq

I love gadgets but I’m not very good with them

I get all of the latest things to make my life easier or just because it’s handy, but I’m not particularly brilliant at setting things up or reading up about them. I don’t get very involved with gadgets, but I do love them.

I’m clueless with my iPod

I get someone to load it for me. I’m useless, but I love it. What’s the most embarrassing song on there? Probably something by Luther Van Dross. I’ve also got a lot of nursery rhymes for my son.

I couldn’t do without my digital camera

I’ve got a little boy and it’s documented his every step, from birth until now. I love it so much. It’s one of the newer Samsung’s and it’s fabulous and easy to use. That’s always in my handbag.

I couldn’t drive a car without satnav

I’ve got a new Volkswagen Touareg and an amazing system in it. I have to ask my boyfriend to read up about it though and tell me how to use it. I like to have things that make life easier. It’s not a showy thing.

I’ve got a BlackBerry Curve and I love it

I shocked myself by getting it. I’m not very good on the internet or checking my emails, but I thought I had to get one because it makes things easier. I’m quite good with it I have to say. And yes, I am addicted to it. I’m not antisocial with it though. I don’t know about the iPhone, I’ll be giving it a miss.

I don’t do any sort of social networking

I’ve never been on Facebook in my life. I’m not really an internet user. I don’t tend to upload pictures, I just go and get them developed.

I’ve done loads of shows where the autocue’s gone

When I was at Sky Sports, I remember we didn’t have paper scripts, because the runner didn’t have time to print them and the autocue went. I was presenting and I was just talking about what I was doing at the weekend. We just had no information in front of us. It was pretty horrendous. In TV you rely on technical things a lot and that can be quite scary.

I’m competing in the King of Cowes

I have to say the boats are gadgets in themselves. I’ve just had the most amazing experience out on the water. The boats are amazing and it’s very complex. It’s great to see how it works. I’ve got my head round what I’ll be doing, but I’m very much dictated to.

Kirsty Gallacher is taking part in The Volkswagen Touareg King of Cowes on 1 August which has been created to find the champion of champions at Skandia Cowes Week 2008. The Volkswagen Touareg 4x4 is the Official Vehicle Sponsor of Skandia Cowes Week 2008 and its driving capabilities make it the ideal partner for the event.  For further information visit and