BlackBerry 10 smartphones won’t drop until the end of 2012

RIM drops some bad news for the BlackBerry faithful…

If you’ve been holding out for a Blackberry 10 device then we’re pretty sure RIM’s latest announcement will all but drain your remaining patience – CEO Mike Lazaridis has stated that we won’t be seeing a BlackBerry 10 device until late 2012.

The delay has resulted from the lack of a critical chipset needed to keep the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones ticking along – and we can’t imagine anyone but rival manufacturers will be happy about waiting so long for RIM’s QNX-based smartphones to pop up.

In a fast-moving smartphone market filled with a plethora of high-end Android devices, the iPhone and Nokia’s polished Lumia range, it seems that next year really could be the end of the world, for RIM at least.

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