Best Cyber Monday 2019 gaming deals

Here are the best Cyber Monday 2019 gaming deals

Fancy picking up a new game? Or perhaps you've been hankering after a brand new console.

Lots of gaming goodies will up for grabs this year and we're here to help you get in the zone and bag yourself some great gaming deals. 

Save yourself some pennies and game on with these best Cyber Monday 2019 gaming deals. You've only got a few hours left so move fast!

PlayStation 4 1TB + Death Stranding (save £50)

This time next year it'll be all about the PlayStation 5, but if you're yet to invest in Sony's current console there's never been a better time.

This 1TB PS4 also comes with Death Stranding, the divisive but fascinating PlayStation exclusive from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima.

Get the deal here

God of War

Last year's superb God of War is just £12 in Game's Cyber Monday sale, so if you still haven't played it, you now do for the price of three pints of naff lager. That sounds like a good deal to us.

Get the deal here

PlayStation 4 500GB with Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us Remastered, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V

With this mega PlayStation 4 bundle you'll quite possibly never be bored again. Every included game is a certified banger, and not so long ago you'd have paid the asking price for them alone.

Get the deal here (save £12.98)

PlayStation VR Starter Pack with Resident Evil 7 and Now TV (save £89)

PSVR has been one of those things that has come from being a fun gimmick, to being a seriously good Virtual Reality experience. With an impressive lineup of games, including the terrifying Resident Evil 7 (you get that free in this bundle), it's well worth your hard-earned money - especially at this price.

Was £269 | Now £179 (£89 off)

Get yours from Game here.

Need For Speed: Heat (save £10)

This brand spanking new entry to the Need For Speed brings back memories of NFS Underground (shout-out to Lil Jon for the music that plays every damn time you start the game). Bringing the best of the cop evasion driving and street racing gameplay of the series past, this is an essential for any racing fan. And now, with a tenner off the price, it's even more of an obvious choice.

Was £49.99 | Now £39.99

Get yours from Game here.

Marvel's Spider-Man: £15.99 (save £14)

If you're as old as me, chances are you may remember the glory that was Spider-Man 2 on the PS2. The free-roaming gameplay (the pizza delivery missions really brought out the best of that) along with the combat really made for an incredible game. For years, I thought the web slinger would never get back to those highs in gameplay, until I play Insomniac's incredible PS4 entry into the series! If you haven't bought it yet, for the love of all that is holy, but it now for just over £15!

Was £29.99 | Now £15.99

Buy it from Game here.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare + GAME Exclusive Steelbook and 2XP

We're big fans of Call of Duty's return to the Modern Warfare universe - bringing some of the most true-to-life graphics we've seen alongside Michael Bay-level explosions. It's an action film that we can all be a part of, and that's perfect for anyone looking to blow off steam after a busy day at work.

Was £49.99 | Now £42.99

Get yours from Game here.

Sega Mega Drive Mini (8% off)

The Mega Drive (many of you may remember, some may not), was certainly one of the biggest consoles in SEGA's history. And in an effort to take on Nintendo and Sony's mini retro throwback consoles, the Mega Drive Mini was born. We absolutely love taking this trip down memory lane, with a cheap price made even cheaper for Black Friday.

Was £64.99 | Now £59.99

Get yours from Amazon here

PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB) with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and NOW TV: £299 (save £50)

If you haven't bought a PS4 yet, you're missing out on a tonne of amazing exclusive titles - making this an essential purchase for any gamer out there!

Already got a PS4 but a 4K TV? Make the most of that high resolution and gorgeous HDR afforded to you by the extra power of the PS4 Pro. Plus, you've got a free copy of the latest Call of Duty and two free months of NOW TV.

Get the deal here (save £50)

Nintendo Switch + Labo Variety Kit: £247 (save £44)

If you've held out this long without picking up Nintendo's portable hybrid console, now's a better time than ever to snap one up.

Put simply, the Switch is brilliant, and with its ever growing game library, there's no better time to get some Nintendo goodness in your life - especially when you can save yourself some coin in the process this Black Friday with a Labo Variety Pack.

Get the deal here (save £44) 



Nintendo Switch Lite + Pokemon Sword: £229 (save £10.98)

Want to downsize your Switch? Nintendo recently came out with a Lite version of their console, and along with the size, the price just got smaller too!

Plus, alongside its portability, you can pick up a copy of Pokemon Sword with it in this bundle too. Perfect for playing away those hours of long distance travelling.

Get the deal here (save £10.98)

Oculus Rift S VR Headset Touch Controllers: £349 (save £50)

Looking to jump into the VR gaming space? Oculus is a pretty good way to go - featuring one of the biggest VR libraries and providing some of the best value for money in terms of processing power and comfort. And that value for money just got so much better with this price...

Was £399 | now £349 (£50 off)

Get yours now from John Lewis.

Xbox One X with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and NOW TV: £299 (save £150)

Meanwhile, in the Microsoft camp, you've got an incredible deal on the top-of-the-line Xbox One X with the brand new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Feeling the force to buy this game? There's no better way to experience it than with the most powerful console available right now.

But this deal doesn't stop at just a good game, as it comes bundled with two months free NOW TV.

Get the deal here (save £150) 

Pokemon Shield for £37

Nintendo's latest Pokemon game has only been out for a few weeks, but you can already make a healthy Cyber Monday saving on it. Those Pokemon ain't gonna catch themselves.

Get the deal here

Gaming PCs: from £429.95 (save up to £300)

Looking to make the move from consoles to gaming PCs? It can all get a bit expensive!

Luckily for you, some tasty new bundle deals are available on Fierce Gaming PCs - packing enough power to play most games comfortably at a tiny price.

For example, you could a gaming PC with an AMD Ryzen 3.7GHz quad-core processor, 8GB RAM and Rageon Vega 8 graphics, along with LED backlit keyboard and mouse, a 21.5-inch gaming monitor, full speaker system AND 3 years free virus protection for just under £430.

Look at the deals here (save up to £300)

PlayStation Plus 12-months: £37.49 (25% off)

When it comes to PlayStation Plus, gamers should wait for when they inevitably drop the price of it to renew the subscription. Black Friday is one of those times, when instead of paying nearly £50, you can save 25% instead.

This gets you access to multi-player gaming, other benefits including discounted gym membership and of course, free games every month. 

Get the deal here (25% off)

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3-months: £16.49 (50% off)

If you're bagging yourself a new Xbox for Black Friday, you may as well get the best experience possible with Game Pass Ultimate - with access to Xbox Live Gold (online multi-player and over 100 console and PC games!

And yes that includes brand new titles like Gears 5.

Get the deal here (save £16.50)

Borderlands 3 (Xbox One/PS4): £34.99 (save £15)

After years of waiting, Borderlands returned with an incredible third iteration - full of great humour and even better gameplay.

That is why buying this during Black Friday for 30% off the price is even more of a steal! Getting it from Amazon means you can get 5 golden keys for free too (to use at a certain part of the game for even more goodies).

Get the deal here (30% off)

Control (PS4/Xbox One): £34.99 (save £15)

From the makers of Alan Wake comes one of the most interesting games of the year - Control! This 3rd person action romp with otherworldly/psychological shades of supernatural gameplay make for a one-of-a-kind experience for 2019.

And now, for Black Friday, you can get this game for an absolute steal of a price!

Get the deal here (30% off)