Bitesize blogging with

 Desperate to deluge the world with your words and witticisms but not blessed with the patience for full fat blogging? Time to to Tumbl Created b

Created by frustratingly wet-behind-the-ears wunderkind David Karp (he's only 21 and worth several million dollars) Tumblr is  blogging with the irritating bits taken out - like baking cookies but doing away with the boring biscuit and just stringing together delicious chocolate chips.  

Sign up - for free - and you can be blogging within a couple of minutes. The clever thing is the dashboard which gives you a selection of different post types to choose from (text, photo, link, quote, video, audio and chat).

Select one and Tumblr formats the post for you meaning there's no need to master HTML or know how to resize pictures.  

See something you like on another blog and you can reblog it and add your own commentary.

Tumblr's already massively popular with hipster New York types but Brits are beginning to take notice too.

You can see my effort here: