BigDog robot starts throwing bricks

DARPA's all-terrain demon pet now throws concrete blocks. Run. Run for your lives and never look back...

The BigDog all terrain robot from Boston Dynamics was already the stuff of nightmares, but has just got even scarier thanks to a great big mechanical arm on the front for slinging masonry.

The DARPA-funded walking military robot is undergoing tests to develop techniques that utilise the power from its legs and torso when performing arm movements, much like a discus thrower (or a hoddie?).

BigDog doesn't just possess the rockstar ability to throw things, it can also run at 4mph, carry a 150kg load, scale 35 degree inclines and walk across rubble, snow and mud.

As with most large, four-legged beasts the advice is "don't stand behind it" – because there's nothing like getting a brick in the face to put a dent in your day.


[via The Verge]

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