BIG IN 2010 – Google rules the world

Your future netbook or tablet could well be Google through and through – heck, it could even be made by the search giant itself. However, while

However, while the latter remains a rumour, we know we can expect Chrome OS to launch in the second half of 2010.

Chrome OS is a free, open-source, Linux-based operating system that will boot you straight into the Chrome browser you might already know and love.

It’ll be light on resources, starting up in seconds, and will rely on the Cloud for applications and storage – so expect to be using Google Docs a whole lot.

Intel’s more traditional Moblin is providing stiff opposition, partly because it relies less on the web for operation, but expect Google to leverage its Gears technology to allow Chrome OS to function even when your 3G signal temporarily disappears.

The Google Phone

And of course another Google product we're expecting in 2010 is the Google Phone, aka the Nexus One, which we've heard could launch as soon as January.

We've already seen pictures of the handset and a video of Android 2.1 running on it, so now all that remains is for us to get our mitts on it. Fingers crossed for CES...

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