BIG IN 2008 – Multi-touch toys

Welcome to our showcase of the hottest tech for 2008 – are you ready for the future?When we were kids we were happy to unwrap a stick on Christm

When we were kids we were happy to unwrap a stick on Christmas morning. These days if the hoodie-wearing little blighters don’t find a diamond encrusted iPhone at the bottom of their stockings they stab you in the neck and put themselves up for adoption. But Christmas 2008 will see a combination of tech and toy tradition.

Like a Rubik’s Cube for the 21st century, the Fentix Cube presents its puzzle using multi-touch technology. Dragging rings of light around the cube with your fingers changes the colours and patterns, as does physically moving the cube. It’s going on sale in limited numbers, but this is just the beginning for multi-touch toys.

We’ve been invited to take a tour of the studios where the Fentix Cube was developed and all kinds of other multi-touch magic happens. Look out for it soon on a vidcast near you.


Fentix Cube

Contact: Andrew Fentem