BIG IN 2008 – Denon DVD 3800BD

Welcome to our showcase of the hottest tech for 2008 – are you ready for the future?Denon has remained format-neutral in the hi-def disc war so

Denon has remained format-neutral in the hi-def disc war so far, but in 2008 it’ll chuck its chips on the table.

Rather than sitting on the fence and sculpting a non-committal dual player that’ll spin both HD discs, Denon has plumped for Sony’s Blu-ray – the marginal leader in the battle all thanks to the popularity of the PS3.

Denon’s Blu-ray player will feature all the tech you’d expect – HDMI 1.3a, 1080/24p playback, HD audio decoding – and will integrate with any Denon system to give home cinema and wireless streaming goodness.

It’ll also support Blu-ray Profile 1.1 and provide the same slick 1080p DVD upscaling found on its current super-duper DVD spinners.

There’s still no word from Denon on when it’ll hit the UK but rest assured our hi-def spies are on the case.


Denon DVD 3800BD

Price: TBA

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Contact: Denon