BIG IN 2008 – Apple Multi Mouse

Welcome to our showcase of the hottest tech for 2008 – are you ready for the future?Having wowed the world with multi-touch on the iPhone and iP

Having wowed the world with multi-touch on the iPhone and iPod Touch, what’s next for Apple’s digit-dragging delights? Will we take delivery of the hotly anticipated touchscreen iMac? Unlikely. The next step is the multi-touch mouse.

Like the Mighty Mouse (pictured), it rocks laterally for left and right clicking, but the clever stuff comes when you drag both fingers along the surface, towards you to scroll down and away to scroll up. Dragging your fingers apart and together will perform iPhone-like zooming on documents.

Whatever it turns out to be we’ll find out very shortly at MacWorld 2008 in early January. Our man in San Fran will be Tom Dunmore, manning his blog live from every big announcement and mouth-watering Jobs keynote. Bring it on.


Apple Multi Mouse

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