Beyond Oblivion to save music industry from oblivion?

Dubious music library? This new service hopes to keep even Simon Cowell sweet and happy

We've seen enough online music services launch and flounder not to get our hopes up too much for a new fish in the tank, but Beyond Oblivion has an interesting approach, and even if the service doesn't prosper, someone else might run with the idea.

So, what's the biggie? As well as storing and sharing your music across various devices, Beyond Oblivion plans to charge manufacturers for pre-installing it on their products. So far, so what. It'll then stump up the fees for every song you play, including tracks with ‘shady origins’ obtained for free from the dark recesses of the net. So if you've had a history of pilfering songs through illegal file sharing and fancy going straight, or you're one of the many browse-free, buy-if-you-like set, but lack the organisational skills to get rid of your ill-gotten test material, this could be a life-saver.

Mostly, though, the US$77 million-funded start-up could be a lifeline for the beleaguered music biz. It's a thought, and one you might ponder as you hit the download button on the public beta on the 4th of April.


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