Best winter warmers for Christmas 2012

Looking for gifts that’ll bring a warm glow to your friends’ hearts – both figuratively and literally? We’ve got you covered

Looking for gifts that’ll bring a warm glow to your friends’ hearts, both figuratively and literally? We’ve got you covered (in a fleecy down jacket that’ll keep you toasty and snug).

Isotoner SmarTouch gloves


Everyone and their gran has a touchscreen phone these days, and that leads to issues in the winter, because capacitive touch tech doesn’t work with gloved hands. Except it does when you’re wearing a pair of touchscreen-friendly mitts like these, which conduct your body’s natural electricity and let you tap away merrily without having to expose your hands to the frigid outdoor air. For more options, check out our best touchscreen-friendly gloves feature.


The ideal gift for the person who loves nothing more than tramping through the great outdoors during the winter months, Rab’s down-filled jacket is lightweight and compact (it can be stuffed down into its own front pocket for easy storage), yet it shrugs off even the chilliest of icy winds.

Rab Microlight jacket


With the Handpresso, your coffee-loving pal will never need to buy a subpar service station coffee again. The world's first in-car espresso maker, it runs off a car's cigarette lighter socket: pour in some cold water, drop in an E.S.E. coffee pod (15 of which are supplied), plug it in and about three minutes later it'll be ready to deliver a delicious cup of hot coffee. Perfect for an on-the-road pick-me-up.

Handpresso Auto in-car espresso machine


We all know at least one person that fancies themselves as a Jedi Knight, and you can make them as happy as a Jawa in a scrapyard by sticking this under their Christmas tree. You'll look just like Mace Windu with the robe's oversized sleeves and hood – except that you wouldn't catch him lounging on the sofa eating cornflakes at 1pm.

Jedi fleece bathrobe


Chilly feet will be a thing of the past with these heated insoles, which can be cut to any shoe size between 2 and 11 and are powered by a wearable battery pack. Keep those toes toasty.

Blazewear heated insoles