Best sports and fitness gadgets for Christmas 2012

Tackle that Christmas turkey – and everything else in sight – guilt-free, thanks to these workout gadgets

Nike Lunar TR1+


Packing an array of pressure and motion sensors into the soles, these trainers track your every move, wirelessly pinging the data to your iPhone or iPod Touch. The associated Nike+ app will give you workout instructions from the likes of Rafa Nadal – and the trainers will even determine whether you're performing your exercises properly.

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K2 Panoramic Splitboard 2013


Go on a holiday, and get fit all at once – such is the wonderful world of snowboarding. With the K2 Panoramic Splitboard, you don't have to drag your board up the hill like a dead weight – it breaks into skis to let you glide along, cross-country ski-style. Then when your exploring reveals some good powder, simply snap the K2 into board mode and start dodging those trees at crazy speeds.

Nike+ Kinect Training


The trainer for Nike's pro athletes comes into your very lounge, judging your workout using the miracle of Kinect. After a basic test of your skills, and an assessment of what your fitness goals are, Nike+ Kinect Training tracks your efforts in myriad workouts and offers feedback. It’ll spot your weaknesses and help you work on improving your form – all you have to do is stick to your schedule. Not bad for less than a month's gym membership.

KTM Macina Race 29 2013


With more Schimano than you can shake a handlebar at, a solid alloy KTM frame, and the ever faithful Bosch 250W motor – this mountain eating bike will get you out of the house even in the winter cold. You can enjoy the exercise while bombing down hills at breakneck speeds then use the motor to help carry you back up for another go without breaking into too much of a sweat.

FitBit One


For the price the FitBit One is a great way to get off the couch and into training. Clip it on and it'll measure steps, stairs climbed, calories burned, and even sleep patterns, auto-syncing to your computer and phone wirelessly. All you need to do it charge it once a week. And unlike the pricier Nike+ FuelBand, the FitBit One will clip to your legs – so even cycling efforts can be measured.

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