The best smart home deals - March 2017

Make your dumb house a smart home with these penny-saving deals

Need to keep a handle on your heating? Fancy some app-controlled bulbs? How about a connected camera for your kitchen?

It sounds like you need some smart home kit - and you're in the right place.

We've searched high and low to cobble together this list of the best offers on nifty gadgets to make your home cleverer and more efficient. Or, you know, to watch what the cat gets up to when you're down the shops.

Heating controllers

Nest 3.0

A solid upgrade to our favourite piece of smart home kit, the 3rd-gen Nest pairs a bigger display with great app functionality to deliver a pretty solution to heating control. It's not a dramatic reinvention - but it didn't need to be.

Buy the Nest 3.0 here for £183.24 from Amazon


Hive Active Heating 2

More expensive than the Nest, Hive's thermostat is simple enough for anyone to use and sufficiently powerful to be useful. Sure, it lacks the learning smarts of some rivals, but its foolproof approach makes it a dial for the people.

Buy Hive Active Heating 2 here for £179.00 from Amazon (without installation)


Honeywell EvoHome

Honeywell's smart system allows you to set schedules to control the exact temperature of individual rooms using Wi-Fi connected valves. Costs soon add up - but the added efficiency could slice 40% off your bill.

Buy the Honeywell EvoHome here for £249.40 from Amazon

Connected cameras

Netatmo Welcome

Slick and reliable, Netatmo has added face recognition to its cylindrical camera, so it'll tell you precisely when the kids get home - and send you a video clip to prove it. You'll have to spend some time teaching it their faces, though.

Buy the Netatmo Welcome here for £159 from Currys PC World - saving £40


Nest Cam

With a wide-angle lens and superb picture quality, Nest is a cracking standalone smartcam. It can record all sound and motion - provided you suscribe to Nest Aware for £8 a month. The speaker even allows you to talk to whoever's in your house.

Buy the Nest Cam here for £149 from Amazon


Withings Home

A brilliant baby monitor that stumbles at home security, Withings' Home camera delivers decent quality in a design-friendly shell. Controlled via an app, you can record and play back up to two days of activity - with excellent night vision, too.

Buy the Withings Home here for £134.00 from Amazon - saving over £35.00

Other smart home kit

Philips Hue

Yes, it's been around for a while - but Hue is still the best smart lighting solution. A vast range of bulbs, lightstrips, lamps and accessories, all controlled by a fantastic app and HomeKit-compatible, make it a bright - if costly - choice.

Buy Philips Hue here for £54.99 from Currys PC World


Amazon Echo

Harbinger of the AI revolution, Amazon's Echo can control your house - and pulls a great double duty as DJ. Stellar audio quality, impressive voice recognition tech and useful hands-free apps make it a worthwhile mantelpiece assistant.

Buy the Amazon Echo here for £149.99 from Amazon


Samsung SmartThings

A little limited compared to some rivals, Samsung's SmartThings kit is good enough for smart home beginners. It's easy to set up and works well with third-party kit - though we're still waiting for more functionality.

Buy Samsung SmartThings here for £199.00 from Samsung


Smarter Coffee

Not the smartest of things, Smarter Coffee is certainly clever by coffee standards. It'll talk to your Wi-Fi, allowing you to start a brew with a single tap in the app. You can even create a schedule, so a hot cup of joe is waiting when you wake.

Buy Smarter Coffee here for £99.99 from Amazon