The best SIM only mobile deals

Let’s face it, £40 a month for a T Mobile G1 isn’t cheap. And in these penny pinching times, neither is £35 every four weeks f

Let’s face it, £40 a month for a T Mobile G1 isn’t cheap. And in these penny pinching times, neither is £35 every four weeks for an iPhone 3G. If you want to cut back on spending but still want to send bragging texts about Brighton’s unlikely victory over Man City, then you need to go SIM only.

Here’s our pick of the deals that’ll save you a mint. Whether you love texting, or just think PAYG’s not right, there’s one for you. Each deal’s on a rolling contract, so there’s no signing your life away either. Just remember the phone’s not included.

Type – Not a talker

You need – Vodafone SIM only £10

For a mere tenner every month, Vodafone serves up 500 texts and 75 minutes. So if you prefer to express yourself through the medium of poor English and emoticons, we suggest you go with this one.

Cost – £10 per month

Type – Saver

You need – T-Mobile Solo 15

At just £15 a month for 350 minutes and 650 texts, this is a steal and one definitely suited to those who make enough calls to trouble their missus, but don’t spend hours moaning to their parents about ‘family issues’.

Cost – £15 per month

Type – Bargain hunter

You need – O2 simplicity

See what O2 did there? SIMplicity? Never mind. This deal gives you 600 minutes and unlimited texts all for £20 a month until the end of September. O2 also bungs the Energy Saver Fund a fiver for every simplicity connection. Because you didn’t buy an un–eco phone, see?

Cost – £20 per month until end of September

Type – Mobile addict

You need – T Mobile Solo 35

If you spend every waking minute clamped to your phone like some kind of gadgety safety blanket, the Solo 35 deal is where it’s at. £35 gets you a massive 1800 minutes and unlimited texts. Compare that to 600 minutes and 500 texts for the equivalent iPhone deal and you see why SIM only is such a cool idea.

Cost – £35 per month

Type – not a fan of the big four

You need – Virgin £20 Talk

Orange’s SIM only deals are pricey and we know some of you just prefer being different. Virgin was early with their SIM only goods and this £20 deal’s great. You get 450 minutes and 450 texts for your money. Well worth it.

Cost – £20 per month

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