The best music apps for your mobile

Your phone’s musical skills stretch further than ringtones. Our pick of the best music apps for your phone will settle arguments, keep you in tu

Your phone’s musical skills stretch further than ringtones. Our pick of the best music apps for your phone will settle arguments, keep you in tune and could even help to make your fortune.


The Omnifone boys have won a clutch of awards for their subscriptions based MusicStation app. For a penny shy of £2, you can enjoy unlimited music downloads to your music phone. Lose your phone and it’s all backed up so your new handset will have your precious collection. Available only through Vodafone at the moment, it’s a good iTunes Store alternative.

Cost £1.99 a month

Is it Elastica or Wire? Nirvana or Killing Joke? Our favourite pub argument settler has been available as a free app for a while, but still impress with its ability to name a song by ‘tagging’ (sampling) just five seconds. Then this clever app will download full album artwork.

Cost £2 a month but free for a limited time on iTunes app store

A little out of tune with your iPhone? Guitar Toolkit turns your Apple blower into a chromatic tuner using the onboard mic. And if you’re struggling to read that tab, its Chord Finder feature has over 260 chords diagrams showing you how to finger your way to rock stardom.

Step into the world of internet radio and even if you’re into Peruvian nose flute music, there’ll be a station for you. Unfortunately this world can be a little confusing to navigate. The allRadio app streams over 2000 stations in 35 genres, assembling a favourites list so you can easily listen to the best of panpipes on the tube.

Cost £2.39


While others waste time playing gem based tetris rip offs on their phone, you could be composing a musical masterpiece. Band from the excellent MooCow music uses the multi-touch function on your iPhone to synthesise drums, piano, bass guitar and even crowd. Strum chords, tinkle those ivories and use the overdub feature to record and mix your next hit single.

Are you constantly late for work in the morning because you just can’t decide which Maiden album to take with you? Load your iTunes library into nUtsie and it’ll download tracks it recognises free from its own database. Unfortunately if it hasn’t got it, you won’t hear it, but it’s a simple way to keep your ear options open.

Cost £4.99 addicts no longer have scrobble behind closed doors. Mobile Scrobbler will send track info to as you play tracks on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Features like love or ban tracks and browsing friends’ playlists are also integrated. S60 and Windows Mobile users should google Pocket Scrobbler or Mobbler.

Cost free

Guitar Hero in your bedroom but just another schmuck on the bus? If you don’t fancy committing to the purchase of a DS to play Guitar Hero: On Tour, the mobile mini game should keep you in practice on the move. Just don’t blame us if your thumbs drop off.

Cost £5, free demo