Best iPhone apps this week

Got a few spare blocks of memory left on that iPhone? Fill 'em up with these ace apps

MadPad – Remix Your Life 69p

Sometimes an app just screams, "Download me now!" MadPad is a VJ mash-up app – you shoot video, it records audio clips. Then you can share clips with other MadPad users and mix them together to create loops and music tracks. Finally, post your mash-ups to YouTube – where they'll appear alongside the likes of the excellent Kutiman – or share them on Facebook. Those chores will just have to wait.

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Fractal Combat 69p

This arcade flight game serves up futuristic aerial combat with fractal images for scenery. Yep – it's like being transported back to 1992, your iPhone magically transformed into an Archimedes PC. Well, sort of.

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PingMe Messenger Free

Hmmm. Another group messaging app. Before you skip on, PingMe has got a few things going for it: it's free (supposedly forever), available on iOS, Android and Blackberry already (with Windows Phone 7 incoming), and there's optional geo-tagging on messages. The real test? Whether your friends get it.

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Band of the Day Free with US$10/year sub

If scrobbling and social music recommendation overwhelms you, try this music discovery app. It sounds simple enough – fork out for the reasonable annual subscription and you'll get one new band a day. Listen to tracks from the band or artist, read bios and exclusive interviews and browse the mixtape of Band of the Day picks.

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Calendarised Free

Try weening yourself off your Facebook addiction and you'll find that you're missing parties left, right and centre. This free app lets you import all your Facebook friends' birthdays and events into the familiarly designed calendar set-up so you can make sure you don't miss out on the fun. 

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