Best iPhone apps of the week

Is your iDevice a bit on the light side? Beef it up with this week's best apps.

Rugby Nations 2011 £2.99

Rectify Wales’ narrow defeat against South Africa on your daily commute with Rugby Nations 2011.  A combination of a few skilled thumb taps and error-free AI referees should ensure a solid victory. Warning – does not count as actual exercise.

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4OD Catch Up £free

This previously iPad-only app has joined the iPhone/iPod Touch party at last. Wi-Fi-only streaming should ensure that late night insomnia and early morning boredom is  easily cured with a bit of in-bed Peep Show action, although we’re not sure how we feel about waking up to David Mitchell’s face every morning…

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Acquire for Photoshop £1.49

Snap photos from your iDevice straight in to the bowels of Photoshop with this nifty little app which cuts the cord and sends your snaps to CS5 via the magic of Wi-Fi. Multiple device support is a handy bonus.

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PostSecret £1.49

This app allows spies, cheats and people with unusual oddities to reveal all their darkest secrets to the world – anonymously of course.  Read the inner secrets of surrounding confessors and join in yourself. After all, it was you that pinched the office milk, wasn’t it?

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First Light £0.69

If you wake up with your iPhone in your hand then this is the app for you. Displaying the local weather, social network updates and appointments, First Light also features an alarm customisable with your music library as well as a choice of over 1,000 radio stations. A clock is also included, which is nice.

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