Best iPhone apps this week

Capture RAW image files on your iPhone camera, leave your friends annoying video messages and become a rolling stone with this week’s best iOS apps

Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder

£1.99 App Store

An endless runner with a rather genius difference – you play as a boulder rolling after an Indiana Jones-esque character, who’s made off with a priceless idol. Your aim is to catch up with him and squash him – not to mention anything else in your path as well. The eight-bit retro design only adds to this game’s charm, while its four different game modes and truckload of unlockables should keep you busy too.

Dream Tim

£0.69 App Store

Tim’s girlfriend has been dragged into his dream world and is being held captive by all manner of night-time nasties. Your job is to help Tim navigate his way through said dream, spanning five chapters and 60 missions, swiping away bad guys, collecting coins for power ups and helipacking your way over lava pools as you go.


£free App Store

Text messaging is so over – 2013 is all about the video message. At least, that’s what the developers of Glide, the world’s “first instant video messaging platform,” want us to think. Glide allows you to record a video message for a friend and have it broadcast to them in real time with one tap, with no uploads or downloads needed. You can either chat one-on-one or with a whole group of mates, with all videos stored in the cloud so they don’t take up space on your phone.


£1.99 App Store

Unmechanical is a puzzle adventure game that sees you guiding a cutesy helicopter character around a strange world, solving more than 30 puzzles en route as he makes his bid for freedom. Pick up objects and position them in a certain way to solve the puzzles and collect ‘power spheres’ to unlock new levels. Promising over three hours of gameplay, it’s not the longest game in the world, but its gorgeously drawn levels will certainly make up for that.

Digital Negative

£1.99 App Store

Photographers who like the convenience of their iPhone cameras can now get higher quality images with this new app. It captures the uncompressed image, retaining all the information recorded by the camera sensor in RAW format, with built-in editing tools for developing the photo directly on your handset. It’ll still record JPEGs too for easy Facebook uploading.

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