Best iPhone apps this week

We scour the App Store once again for the best apps and games to feed your trusty iPhone

Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption

£1.99 App Store

Vegetarians should look away now – in Ridiculous Fishing you play as a fisherman named Billy who appears to have a serious bone to pick with the piscine world. Armed with his fishing rod and an upgradeable arsenal of guns, you have to throw your line out to sea, dodging the fish on the way down. Once you get to the sea floor, you reel your line in, collecting as many fish as you can, throwing them into the air once you reach the surface and then shooting them to smithereens. A game refreshingly free from any in-app purchasing, everything is unlockable via gameplay – including an excellent selection of fish-themed hats.


£1.99 App Store

Another gorgeously designed atmospheric physics-based puzzler, NightSky sees you using the touch controls to manoeuver a ‘mysterious’ crystal sphere through various silhouetted environments. An electronic, ambient soundtrack accompanies your journey, as you take charge of different vehicles on your travels. There are a number of unlockable bonus levels, and you can tweak the game’s difficulty if you want more of a challenge.

Super Stickman Golf 2

£0.69 App Store

Anyone that played the original Super Stickman Golf will know just how addictive this game can be – and the sequel outdoes its predecessor in almost every way. There are over 20 new dynamic courses, new power-ups, 60 achievements to tick off and two different multiplayer modes. Watch out for a number of unlockable hats that add secret abilities to turn your bogeys into eagles.


£Free App Store

The photo-editing apps just keep pouring into the App Store, but at least this one is a little different to the rest. Repix sees you ‘remixing’ photos using various different Repix brushes. Each brush has a different effect and you can add that effect to a whole image or just part of it by painting with your finger. The free download will come with a selection of brushes – though you'll have to shell out for others available through in-app purchasing.

YouTube Capture

£Free App Store

Whether you’re an avid YouTuber or you just like to upload the odd clip, YouTube Capture aims to make it all the more simple to get your videos online. Film from within the app, trim, colour correct and add a music track if you wish, then upload to YouTube with one click – you can even upload Facebook, Twitter and Google+ at the same time.

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