Best iPhone apps this week

Comics, ninjas and Sonic the Hedgehog make our pick of the best iPhone apps to download this week

Temple Run: Oz

£0.69p App Store

Based on the forthcoming Disney movie Oz the Great and Powerful, the latest instalment of the endless running series puts you in the shoes of Oz the magician, following the Yellow Brick Road and dodging angry flying monkeys as you collect coins. Based on the same engine as Temple Run 2, there’s enough new stuff here for fans of the series and newbies alike to enjoy – including the occasional jaunt in a hot air balloon.

Marvel Unlimited

£Free App Store

Bringing all of its digital comics under one roof, Marvel’s new app gives comic fans access to both new and old comics from the Marvel archive for a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. If you don’t fancy paying, there are a number of free comics available in full every week, and you can also preview every comic in the archive, too.

Reebok Fitness

£Free App Store

If you’re a bit lost when it comes to working out, Reebok Fitness will help you create a plan and routine that’s customised to you. Choose how many weeks you want your workout program to last and the activities you enjoy, and the app will build your exercise plan based on what you like, complete with video demos to help you out. All workouts are created by Reebok Fitness instructors and it’s fully customisable so you can make sure it’s something you’ll stick to.

Sonic Dash

£1.49 App Store

Sonic the Hedgehog is well-known for being pretty quick on his feet, so the idea of creating a Sonic endless runner game almost seems like a natural fit. Run through familiar Sonic environments, collecting rings, dodging obstacles, beating enemies and speeding through loop the loops to earn power ups. You can choose to play as Tails, Knuckles or Amy if you prefer, each with their own special moves to get you ahead.

Mini Ninjas

£0.69p App Store

Play as one of four diminutive ninjas – each with their own special power – running, jumping and slashing your way through a number of magical lands, dodging evil Samurai warlords and flying Samurai monks in the process. You’ll build up your Kuji energy for casting spells by freeing your trapped ninja friends and in turn, using their skills to help you beat the bad guys.

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