Best iPhone apps this week

Take to the racetrack, write a comic and explore the natural world with this week's iPhone apps

Real Racing 3

£Free App Store

Easily one of the best looking racing games that you can pick up for free on the App Store, Real Racing 3 offers officially licensed tracks, an expanded 22-car grid and more than 45 seriously realistic cars to choose from. It’s a big 'un, though, and you’ll need at least 1.7GB of free space to accommodate it. Watch out for the in-app purchases too, they can be pretty steep.

AVP Evolution

£2.99 App Store

The battle of the world’s deadliest creatures makes its way to the App Store this week in Alien vs Predator Evolution. You get to play as both the Alien xenomorph and the Predator for two very different gaming experiences, unlocking new body parts, abilities and weapons as you progress through the levels.

BBC Earth Wonders

£2.49 App Store

The Beeb has produced an app to showcase some of the best natural history content taken from series such as Planet Earth, Frozen Planet and Life, and combined them with snaps from world-renowned photographers. All content can be explored via a rotating 3D globe and points of interest tapped to discover more about that area, through videos, photos, information and interesting facts for the pub.

Comic Craft

£Free App Store

Comic Craft lets you make a collaborative comic with your Facebook friends or other Comic Craft players, taking it in turns to set the scene, add in characters, objects and captions. There are over 120 pieces of content to choose from, with additional packs of characters and objects that can be unlocked the more you play. Once your masterpiece is finished, share it on Facebook and Twitter, or rate the work of other Comic Craft players instead.

Socialcam 5.0

£Free App Store

Socialcam isn’t a new app, but this is a brand new version, rather than an update. The major new features, coming to iOS only for now, include a complete redesign of the visual effects, 720p HD video capture, and an HDR video mode. The idea behind Socialcam is to create and share videos in the same way we do photos, unlimited in length, with your choice of different filters – should you wish. You can even edit photos already stored on your camera roll, not to mention browse, like and comment on friends’ videos as well.

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