Best iPhone apps this week

Bite-size video clips, puzzle horror stealth-em-up games and geometric astronauts figure in our pick of the week's iPhone apps


£Free App Store

From Twitter subsidiary Vine Labs, Vine is a video app that allows you to capture six second video clips and share them on Twitter and Facebook, as well as on Vine itself. To start, you simply hold your finger on the screen to start recording and remove it when you want to stop as many times as you like within the allotted six seconds, allowing you to capture the essence of an event into a bite-sized chunk.

Wave Trip

£1.49 App Store

Wave Trip is a rather unique musical arcade game. It sees you in charge of a "geometric astronaut," flying through a musical world saving your friends and dodging enemies, all while making music at the same time. Friends are trapped in floating bubbles, which can be burst by collecting coins dotted throughout the levels. Each coin, and in fact every object in Wave Trip, has a sound which contributes to the melody of the level, and while bumping into an enemy won’t kill you, it will distort and slow down the level’s tune. You can even remix and edit the levels to create your own and share them with friends.


£1.49 App Store

All the snow and winter chills of the last few weeks has us dreaming of summer holidays and warmer climes. If you’re thinking of jetting off and getting away from it all, Stow is the perfect packing companion to make sure you don’t forget anything. You can pick the type of trip you’re taking and for how long, then choose from ready-to-go templates or create your own, with boxes to tick once you’ve packed each item. A simple, but surprisingly useful app.


£Free App Store

Originally created as an online flash game as part of a 48-hour dev competition, Traal is described by its creators as a top-down "puzzle horror stealth-em-up." Its retro design looks like something from the 80s, but while Traal might look simplistic, it is trickier than it appears – especially as you’re thrown straight in to the game to learn on the go. You have to navigate a dark castle-like environment without being seen by its strange-looking inhabitants, collecting discarded scrolls as you go.


£Free App Store

If you fancy learning a new skill, Instructables is packed with how-tos, recipes and inventions – all documented with pictures and instructions so you can recreate it yourself. You can follow users so you’ll see all the Instructables they post in your news feed, explore popular Instructables, bookmark favourites and – of course – create your own too.  From the helpful to the completely useless, there are already over 100,000 tutorials for you to browse, with more added every day.

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