Best iPhone apps this week

Learn a new language, rock out and play Kinect-style motion controlled games on your iPhone with our apps of the week

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Remember the days when all you needed was a stack of cassettes, a tape recorder and the Chart Show to create your very own music mixes? aims to recreate that nostalgic feeling on your iPhone, giving you a much easier way to craft your own custom mixtapes and share them with your friends. You can make mixtapes with two 45-minute sides, or have a random one made by genre, though you’ll need to have a Spotify or Rdio subscription to get the most of it.

Four Chords

£Free App Store

If your attempts to learn the guitar have ended in little more than frustration, new guitar app Four Chords could help. Aiming to get people playing songs they recognise, quickly and easily, Four Chords has had a whole host of popular tunes rearranged by music professionals into just a handful of chords. They appear as you need to play them, and there’s a backing track to support you, as well as lyrics should you wish to break into song. Even better, if you don’t have a guitar just yet, you can still play using the "tap guitar" feature, to ease you into this musical lark easily.

FreeSkate Xtreme

£0.69 App Store

FreeSkate Xtreme delivers the same endless-running mechanic made popular by games like Temple Run, except in this case, you’re on skates. Motion controls allow you to steer your skater in the path of collectable coins by tilting the phone, while lifting it will make your skater jump over obstacles. That’s not all though – using your phone's camera as a motion tracking sensor, the game lets you move your head to steer in certain parts of the game – bringing Kinect-esque controls to your iPhone.


£Free App Store

If the idea of learning a language takes you back to the days of cramming long lists of vocabulary and verb endings into your brain, Duolingo will be a refreshing change. Not only is it free with no ad or in-app purchases in sight, it helps you learn a language in fun, interactive and useful way, while you help translate the web as you learn. Courses are currently offered in Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.


£2.99 App Store

This award-winning RPG for iPad is now available for iPhone owners (4S and above), and features the same hand-painted artwork, highly acclaimed soundtrack and dynamic narration that has won it so much praise. You play as The Kid, travelling through 40 fantasy-themed, floating environments as you try to get to the bottom of the Calamity – a catastrophic event that has shattered the world into floating pieces, unearthing all manner of enemies in the process.

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