Best iPhone apps this week

Footy, BMX and vehicular mayhem – treat your iPhone to the apps of the week. It'll love you forever


69p App Store

You don't have to know the difference between a crankflip and an X-up (thanks Wikipedia) to enjoy the addictive combos, powerups and moves available in BMX Jam. Set across San Francisco, Beijing, Sydney and Rio with bone-crunching slow motion replays, it's like real riding, minus the inevitable hospital bills.


£Free App Store

Available for free today to celebrate its launch, Carmageddon transports gamers back to the free flowing pedestrian-smashing mayhem which was banned around the world in its heyday. With a 36-level career mode, heaps of powerups and cars designed to kill, it's the ideal way to relieve some steam on your daily commute. Just don't take it too literally when you're back behind the wheel.

FreeAppMagic Daily

£Free App Store

This helpful app will scour the App Store every single day to bring you three top apps while they're free, letting you sample the sweetest pickings without paying a penny. A Magic Piggy Bank will even tally up how much you've saved in total, though we doubt smashing it will unleash a flurry of coins from your iPhone. We've tried.

Real Football 2013

£Free App Store

It might not be the official FIFA offering, but Real Football's got plenty of shooting power in its boots thanks to its eye-watering graphics, 3D motion-captured animations and immersive training programme. Thanks to a FIFPro license it even has names and portraits of over 3,000 top players, with built-in transfer support.

Crazy Taxi

£2.99 App Store

If you're a fan of the fast-paced mania of the original Crazy Taxi then this iPhone version is a must-buy. A faithful recreation of the arcade and Dreamcast hit, you'll be transported back to an era of fast cars, crazy combos and plenty of air time, all while rocking out to The Offspring and Bad Religion.

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