Best iPhone apps this week

This week's iPhone app cocktail is bursting with gaming, imaging and travelling goodness. Drink it up and savour the taste...

Royal Revolt!

£Free App Store

This reverse tower defense game sees you head your loyal soldiers against your nasty relatives who have taken it upon themselves to strip your father of his rightful throne. Typical royals eh? Employing magic to heal, stun or destroy with knights at your command, this pretty looking 3D royal basher will have you claiming back the throne in no time


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Dodgy spelling aside, fanatix is the ultimate app for sports... well, fanatics. With live scores for a host of sports including cricket and football, fanatix also has integrated Twitter feeds and friend recommendations, allowing you to find friends and fans watching the same games. With stats and group messengers too, it's all you need to immerse yourself in the beautiful game of your choice.


£Free App Store

Hitting 1 million downloads in its first week, Manga-Camera has proven that people want to be transformed into odd, epilepsy-inducing black and white renditions of themselves. No, we don't know what those symbols mean either.


£4.99 App Store

What can be said about FIFA 13? It's FIFA 13. On your iPhone. In other words, it's a no-brainer purchase for footy fans looking for that special on-the-go dribbling, shooting and tackling fix, with a new skill move feature which lets you perform snazzy tricks while on the ball to impress your fellow commuters. Take that, Ronaldo.


£Free App Store

Cabforce is a useful little app which guarantees easy and safe transportation across Europe, offering travellers the ability to book taxis with a generous 2 hour cancellation policy. With taxis, minivans and executive cars all supported, you'll never have to walk again.

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