Best iPhone Apps this week

Fancy treating yourself to some new apps ahead of the release of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5? Of course you do


69p App Store

From the father of Hipstamatic comes Swankolab, a slick journey through photochemistry which lets you mix and match different old school chemicals and processes to achieve funky photo effects. With a formula book to save your favourite recipes and a virtual mahogany box to store your supplies and prints, it's the ultimate app for shutterbug hipsters who want to go fully manual. Virtually that is.

Describe It

£Free App Store

Based on the gaming classic Taboo, Describe It pits your vocabulary against the clock as you try to explain a word without using a selection of blacklisted words. A handy little way to sweat out your lazy ***** – aka the pink squishy thing inside your skull that's processing these words right now.

Mr Postman

£Free App Store

Mr Postman is a genius little app for people who want to write and send letters on the go without having to ever lick a stamp or seal an envelope. Simply type out your letter, address it, pay for postage via your card or Paypal and let Mr Postman do the rest. Tongue papercuts? Not anymore.

Shufflepuck Cantina

£Free App Store

Shufflepuck Cantina brings the glorius fast-paced action of glass-shattering air hockey to your iDevice, with slick impressive 3D Retina Display visuals and plenty of achievements to unlock on your path to puck-commandeering glory.

Quantam Legacy HD

£2.99 App Store

Part arcade shooter, part strategy, Quantum Legacy HD seats you firmly in the cockpit of a spaceship packed full of explosion-inducing weaponry and plenty of upgrades to see you through the four hours of gameplay, with competitive leaderboards for veteran pilots.

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