Best iPhone apps this week

The Simpsons, the Hulk and the Paralympic Games all make for a delicious iPhone app cocktail, in this week's best apps round up

Avengers Initiative

£4.99 App Store

The first installment in Marvel's upcoming gaming series sees you step into the famous snazzy purple shorts of the big green behemoth himself as you smash your way through the skulls of super-criminals and pesky monsters alike. Fans of Infinity Blade will feel right at home thanks to a similar swipe and slash combat system and the same crisp visuals. Hulk smash.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

£Free App Store

Homer Simpson finally brings Springfield to ruin by causing a nuclear meltdown, and now it's your job to rebuild it brick by brick while finding hidden characters in the process. With Retina Display graphics and exclusive animated scenes from the show's writers and animators, this is a must play for fans of everyone's favourite yellow family. Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? We do.

iTunes Festival London 2012

£Free App Store

The iTunes Festival returns this year with 30 nights of live music across the captial, and thanks to the iTunes Festival app, you won't miss a single beat. The official app lets music fans watch live and recorded shows free of charge on their iDevices as well as offering the chance to apply for tickets and even stream performances to your telly, courtesy of some Apple TV and AirPlay magic.

C4 Paralympics

£Free App Store

The Paralympics are well and truly under way, with Team GB racking up plenty of shiny metal in the process. If you haven't done so already, make sure you download Channel 4's free Paralympics app for live text commentary of all the events as well as the latest videos, highlights and schedules.

Pixel Studio

0.69p App Store

If your Instagram app is shattered from constantly converting your snaps into hipster-friendly photos then try taking Pixel Studio for a spin. With all the usual filters and effects plus saturation, tilt shift and distortion settings, you'll be adding an arty twist to shots of your coffee shop muffins in no time. Tasty.

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