Best iPhone apps this week

Pit Presidential candidates against each other, mash up your videos and value your vehicle with the pick of this week's apps

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The iTunes Festival is back once again this year, with 30 days of free live music in the capital. As usual, the line-up is a corker, but you’ll have to be very lucky to bag yourself tickets in the draw. In case you don’t, you can download Apple’s iTunes Festival app instead and watch all the shows live from your phone or tablet, and stream them afterwards for a limited time too.

You can also check out the full line-up, read up on artist bios and even try one last time to bagsy yourself some tickets. Fingers crossed!

iTunes Festival London 2012

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Thinking of selling your motor, but have no idea what to expect for it? The What Car? Car Valuations app, from's stablemate, will give you a free valuation on any car up to 12 years old – with price info from sources across the UK updated daily.

It’ll cover any make, model and trim level, and will even tweak a price based on mileage. Sold yours and now want to buy? The What Car? Target Price feature will keep you in the know for the maximum price you should pay for any new car.

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While we’ve now got all manner of apps to make our smartphone pictures infinitely more shareable, video still remains a little on the back foot – often left on our devices, unedited and unloved. Lumify aims to change that by mashing together videos of your choice into a single clip.

The app uses advanced algorithms to pick the most interesting parts of your chosen videos, editing them together with music into a 20-second uber-shareable 1080p montage.

What Car? Car Valuations

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Vote!!! is the latest creation from the team behind the award-winning Infinity Blade series – not that you’d know it from first glance. In place of sword-fights and monsters, we have a cartoon-style political beat’ em up between President Obama and Mitt Romney as they battle it out for the White House.

The great combat system remains though, albeit with more of a cartoon twist – plus you can dress your choice of candidate in all manner of iconic American outfits and fight with weapons that vary from lightsabers to sausages.

£0.69p App Store

Ever had to deliver a bit of bad news and not been quite sure how to word it? Leave that to comedian Matt Berry, who’ll use his own unique ‘charm’ to get the message across with your choice of recorded message on a number of topics.

Whether you need to break up with your other half or tell a neighbor you killed their dog, you can choose from three levels of message harshness, then either email it to your target, tweet it or share it on their Facebook page. It’s all a bit of fun of course, unless you really are a big meanie.

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