Best iPhone apps this week

Wrestling, stamps and an angry lumberjack – it can only be Stuff's pick of the week's best iPhone apps

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Laying the smackdown in fine style this week is the official WWE app, which has just launched for iPhone and iPad. Wrestling fans can now keep the entire world of WWE at their fingertips, with breaking news, photos, thousands of video clips and wrestler profiles all available from within the app.

There’s even the chance to order tickets for upcoming shows and in-app access to the second-screen viewing companion, for use when watching the weekly WWE TV show.


£4.99 App Store

We’re going to put it out there – Horn is one of the best looking iOS games we’ve ever seen. It really is beautiful. But impressive graphics aside, it’s also seriously addictive.

A third-person action adventure game, you play as a young blacksmith’s apprentice named Horn, who is on a mission to free the people of his village from a curse that has turned them all into monsters. Expect plenty of sword swooshing, crossbow wielding and puzzle solving, all within a pretty vast fantasy-inspired open world environment.

£Free App Store

Call us lazy, but winning a gold medal for your country in order to get your own stamp sounds like a bit too much effort to us. We’ll just download Royal Mail Smilers instead, an app that allows you to turn your iPhone snaps into usable stamps.

Simply upload your picture to the app, pick a design and the stamps are sent to your house within five working days. It’ll cost you £9.99 for 10.


£1.49 App Store

There’s no two ways about it – Jack Lumber from Sega has more than a little bit of Fruit Ninja about it. Except there’s no pineapple or banana in sight. Instead, you play as Jack Lumber, a tree-hating lumberjack out for revenge after a tree killed his dear old gran.

Slice your way through the logs thrown up in slow-motion "LumberTime" as Jack axes his way through the various forest levels, making sure to avoid harmless forest critters on your way.

£Free App Store

Oversharers unite! Broadcast for Friends is a new app from UStream that allows you to live broadcast video content “as it happens” on your Facebook profile. Using it is pretty simple – just link up your profile to the app, choose your privacy settings (public, friends or only me) and you’re ready to go.

You can broadcast over wi-fi or 3G, and there are even Instagram-style filters to jazz up your footage as well. Our favourite feature, though, is the live notifications - if your friends comment on your video while you’re filming, they’ll pop up on your screen so you can see them and respond in real time.

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