Best iPhone apps this week

Is your loyal iPhone feeling hungry? Fill it up with this delectable selection of juicy apps and it'll perk up in no time

Happy Squirrels

£Free App Store

If you're in charge of a population of squirrels, you're naturally going to want to keep the adorably furry little critters happy. How you ask? Well, adding rooms to your giant oak tree and collecting nuts and potions to spend on new rooms is a good start.

Kingdoms & Lords

£Free App Store

Those pesky Barbarians are at it again, causing trouble in your otherwise idyllic and peaceful village. Train up your men and teach those pesky hooligans a lesson in this medieval strategy game which sees you expand lands, hire soldiers and deal out swift sword-based justice.

Little White Lies

£Free App Store

Little White Lies offers the latest film reviews and cinema listings for your nearest silver screen establishments, with times based on your location. Joining forces with Stella Artois, it's also offering users the chance to win free tickets. With every UK cinema on tap, you'll never be strapped for entertainment in a strange town again.


£Free App Store

The fastest human on two legs now has his own app, in which he must outrun a gang of mischievous Caribbean pirates who are after his gold. With simple touch controls and addictive gameplay, you must jump, slide and sprint your way through Jamaica to gather up your booty before the pirates do. No problem for Bolt then, but let's see how well your fingers can keep up, shall we?

Gears & Guts

£Free App Store

Get your retro Carmageddon fix on the go with Gears and Guts, a game which places you firmly in the seat of a tire-melting supercar, laden with military gear and experimental weapons, with one purpose in mind – to decimate the hordes of rotting undead who are hell-bent on feasting on your flesh. Game on.

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