Best iPhone apps this week

Our pop chart of apps at the top of the App Store this week

venntunes £Free

Bump two iPhones together and this clever app will list the tracks that hit the sweet spot i.e. appear in both iTunes libraries plus individual favourites. Good for roadtrip playlists and finding new music but risky all the same.

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Rogue Sky 69p

Hot air ballooning. The last defence against everyday stress and drama? Think again with this hand-drawn ballooning game, set to a gothic soundtrack and complete with squadrons of enemy balloons, tight squeezes and armour boosts.

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Flattr £Free

If you often feel micro-generous, try this app. Flattr is a web service that lets you donate small amounts to blogs, photos and other online activity you find interesting. Now when you see a real life Flattr IRL code (like QR codes) you can scan it in to show your appreciation with pennies.

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Playr2 £Free

One for bargain hunting gamers, Playr2 keeps on top of games prices – complete with barcode scanner – so that you can easily snag a cut-price console title or get the most for your cast-offs handheld or PC games.

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Zombie Minesweeper 69p

Maybe the most necessary combination since Mario and Sonic, flag up mines and dodge zombies at the same time as a heroine escaping the carnage over 30 levels of dangerous suburbs and countryside.

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