Best iPhone apps this week

From metallic space mice to helping you avoid the Olympic crowds, this week's best iPhone apps should satisfy all your app cravings

DJ Mix Fix

69p App Store

This simple-but-useful app is a handy addition to the arsenal of any DJ who wants to bridge the gap between mixes thanks to its smattering of funky evolving soundtracks which can be used as intros, endings and special effects during sets. Compatible with all setups that include a mixer with audio input as well as laptops, it's time to get your mix on. Disclosure: DJ Mix Fix was made by a Stuffer (and that makes us proud).


69p App Store

This debut game from a husband and wife developer team centres around the crash-landing of mechanical mice onto Earth. Your mission? To help the poor little rodents fix their wrecked ship by rounding up their scattered supplies while avoiding a plethora of enemies determined to make life difficult. Stuff Office Cat wouldn't approve, but we promise we won't tell him.

London Crowd

69p App Store

London Crowd aims to help you beat the hordes of people during the Olympics, Paralympics and beyond by analysing street cameras to create live heat maps to let you avoid the busiest areas during your commute. Orwellians will also appreciate the ability to view live feeds from the cams themselves.

Get Your Flag Out

£Free App Store

Select up to three favourite countries and this app will let you know each time one of them nabs a coveted London 2012 Olympic medal by displaying the flag and playing the national anthem of the victorious country in question. You'll know who won in which event and a medal leader board will keep you on top of who's beating who.

Weather HD 2

69p App Store

With a little event called the Olympics currently enveloping the UK, the weather's never been more important. Keep on top of the elements and how they plan on affecting the games, your night out and more, with Weather HD 2. Updated with new HD weather animations and 3D weather maps, there's never been a better looking way check if you'll need a brolly.

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