Best iPhone apps this week

Rovio's follow-up to Angry Birds lands – but it faces stiff competition from 3D maps, sound-enhancing players and Tiny Wings 2.0

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What Rovio did next. The follow-up to Angry Birds, Amazing Alex does in fact borrow quite a lot from both The Incredible Machine (MS-DOS game) and iOS game Casey's Contraptions. But that doesn't make it less of a fun puzzler that's more Rube Goldberg than cartoon boy.

Amazing Alex

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If you like the WinPho People hub, you'll appreciate image-based contacts app Brewster. Import iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email contacts and make lists and Favourites screens for easy organisation. You can also merge nicknames with full names and see upcoming birthdays.

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This massive update gives Tiny Wings fans 15 new (and gorgeous) levels and a new Flight School game mode, while making the game even better value for first time players. Time to flap some more.


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A music player to make your MP3s and audiobooks sound better on iPhone? Yes please – but we understand if you're wary. Not to worry though as after testing out a few tracks, they do sound noticeably less tinny and more 'open' played through Audio Xciter. You get 15 minutes a day free before you buy the unlimited player for £1.99.

£Free App Store

Recce is a great 3D mapping app that makes a change from the plain old default Maps app and makes cities like London look more colourful and inviting than Street View. It'll help you get your bearings quickly by lining up landmarks, the nearest Boris bike stations – plus you can use it offline. Apple's iOS 6 Maps app has some stiff competition.

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