Best iPhone apps this week

Our pick of this week's crop, including zero-gravity jetpacks and the return of Frogger

Temple Run: Brave 69p

Temple Run addiction? We can empathise. Now Pixar's getting in on the action, setting Brave's feisty princess Merida against the dangers of the forest – looks like we'll be hitting the app store for another round. The gameplay sticks to what we know and love, but does include a few nifty new features – including a bow and arrow so you can fight back as you dash. Well, it wouldn't do for Merida to just run away, would it?

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Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition 69p

Unless you've been living under pondweed all your life, you should be at least vaguely familiar with Frogger – the amphibian with the world's biggest death wish. Celebrating Frogger's 30th anniversary (how he's managed to live so long is beyond us) the new game offers a choice between retro or HD visuals. How does he keep getting stuck on the wrong side of that road?

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Einstein Brain Trainer £2.99

Want a brain like Einstein's? Well, we can't promise it'll happen overnight, but the range of daily activities in this app should give your little grey cells a solid workout. Reminds us of the Nintendo DS's Brain Training - only a fair bit cheaper.

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Astronaut Spacewalk £2.49

Gravity getting you down? Break free from planet Earth's pull with this "highly realistic" astronaut jetpack simulator. The app comes packed with 20 missions to try your hand at, which include carrying out various tasks and repairs in space.

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London Official City Guide £Free

If, like us, you find it nigh on impossible to keep up with everything London has on offer, this app may be just the thing for you. Serving up a handy index of events, landmarks and hidden gems, London Official City Guide is perfect for tourists and city dwellers alike. You can even save favourite locations (pubs) for future reference.

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