Best iPhone apps this week

What have we been playing with this week in the world of iPhone? Take a peek

Hollywood Photobooth

69p App Store

If your kind of fun is dressing up with Hollywood movie costumes, this really is the app for you. Take a picture and then choose a costume to overlay from a number of movies including Gladiator and Blues Brothers. The results can saved to your photo library then be shared with all and sundry via email and social networks.

Bit of Exercise

£2.99 App Store

Staying fit can be hard work but that's really the point. Still, that doesn't mean it has to be difficult to keep track of your walking, running and cycling activities. The Bit of Exercise app will keep track of your habits with the iPhone's built-in GPS, allowing you to worry about making it to the top of that hill without passing out.


£1.49 App Store

In our experience, word-based games prove incredibly addictive, especially when you are competing with the world to see who is the most verbose when under pressure. WordsWorth takes this concept and adds power-ups, different sized grids, a dictionary to see what words mean and the ability to challenge your Facebook entourage.

iWitness Reports

£1.99 App Store

iWitness reports - get it? Oh, never mind. This rather cool app allows you to find out eye witness accounts of 'key incidents in rock and pop music history', allowing you to dig deeper into the past of your favourite bands.


Free App Store

Getting lost because a certain company decided to ditch Google Maps is infuriating when you've just bought a new smartphone, but when you aren't in a rush it can make for an awesome day out. Wanderous asks you for a start and end point, to which it then creates a random journey taking in things like notable landmarks, areas of historical nature and other public attractions of your choosing.

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