Best iPhone apps this week

We're in a gaming mood this week so feast your thumbs on these glorious time-wasters, featuring The New Draw Something

Yesterday £2.99

With noir, comic-style graphics, a beggar-killing psycho on the loose and three playable characters including one with memory loss Yesterday has all the makings of an iOS classic.

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PyroPainter £Free

Used up the free effects in Action Movie FX? There's tons more here in PyroPainter including floating sharks, snow and – most excitingly – tons of fire to add to your videos. You can throw in as many as you want into one clip (think Michael Bay) then view it back in your Camera Roll when you're done.

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Song Pop £Free

As much as we pour scorn on casual, social games like Draw Something, Song Pop might be one guilty pleasure that we actually enjoy. It's based around guessing the artist from a short song clip and is a sure-fire way to assert Alpha Male status when needed.

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The Act £1.99

If you miss the good ol' days of charming 2D animation and jazz soundtracks, you might like Chillingo's latest game, The Act. Swiping controls Edgar the window washer's emotions and actions so it's more like an interactive cartoon than anything. Save your job, rescue your bro from brain surgery and get the girl – 15 minutes in and you'll feel like you owe it to the little guy.

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OLO game £1.49

A neat game for iPad, but still fun on the iPhone, OLO puts a fun but simple twist on multiplayer air hockey – each person must get their OLOs in the coloured target zone and bounce opponents' OLOs out. Just play it.

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