Best iPhone apps this week

We've milked the App Store for 10 pails of its freshest product

Tinychat FB Free

Beating Facebook and Skype at their own game is the Tinychat FB app which hooks up to your contacts and lets you video chat with up to 12 of them at once, straight from your iPhone. There's nothing more complex to this app – just tap and chat.

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TuneTug Free

If you're throwing a party and want to relinquish control of the playlist (you crazed fool), connect your iPhone to a speaker dock and send everyone a link to the playlist. Smartphone users can 'tug up' and 'tug down' tracks and the song that climbs the highest plays next. Risky, but fun.

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Gigs and Tours Free

The live music one-stop shop comes to the iPhone with this free app that gives you details of upcoming gigs near you, maps of venue locations, music news and the option to click through and buy tickets. Also handy for avoiding leagues of teen-pop fans screaming outside massive, local venues.

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Linn Kinsky Free

Owners of top-end Linn DS music systems – the wait is over. With this official Kinsky controller app, you can browse your music collection, change the playlist in any room of your house and get access to internet radio stations.

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Oh!Meter 69p

Oh!Meter claims to tell you how attractive you are – it measures the distance between key facial features and gives you a score out of 10. Yes, it's harsh, but Oh!Meter is pretty good-looking itself with its slick, retro graphics. And no, we're not telling you what score we got...

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goCarShare Free

Giving a tech overhaul to the loved-up festival vibe, goCarShare links empty car seats to stranded festival-goers, making sure that everyone gets to go to the ball. Assuming they've got a ticket.

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Snooze Free

If you leap up at the first sign of daylight, this isn't for you. For the rest of us, this genius app donates small amounts of money to charity every time you hit the snooze button. You'll never feel guilty about your slobby ways again.

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Quickstart Spanish £5.99

The BBC's Quickstart language learning apps include Spanish, French and Italian. They do away with phrasebooks with CDs. replacing them with themed episodes, where you learn useful vocab, audio conversations with subtitles and a voice recorder function to listen to your progress.

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Touchstars 69p

Swipe through the stars and dodge ghosts to progress through 20 levels of beautifully simple retro graphics. Don't let your finger leave the screen, mind. Addictive.

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TwinPlay 69p

Sharing headphones is great. As long as you share a taste in music. For those who don't, there's TwinPlay, a music player split to play two separate playlists, with individual audio controls and shuffle/repeat buttons.

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