Best iPhone apps this week

Make your photos look like 8-bit images and go flying with the pick of the week's iPhone apps

Air Mail £2.99

Chillingo's latest is a good-looking little flying game that's a hit on iPad but will still play nicely on iPhone. If you've finished Whale Trail or Tiny Wings and you've got a casual gaming void to fill, you'll have plenty of fun as a letter-carrying pilot with explore, mission and Express Delivery modes.

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BitPix 69p

If bog-standard retro filters don't match your geek criteria, BitPix will make your photos look like they're on your old NES, C64 or Gameboy. Get big pixel pimping now – but be warned, some filters are in-app purchases.

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Scalado PhotoBeamer 69p

This photo-sharing app almost redeems the very existence of QR codes. Open up on any browser on any display then scan the code and your Camera Roll will appear in seconds. For now, that's it (apart from fit to screen and an 'old fashioned' filter) but expect more tricks from Scalado.

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Tom Daley Dive 2012 £Free

This diving app is weirdly calming and addictive at the same time. Simple swipes let you guide your Olympic diver to greatness – but it's not as easy as it first looks. Lucky then that you can replay your somersault attempts from different camera angles.

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IAM Konki £Free

We weren't quite sure what to make of Konki at first but then we discovered this little guy has some useful features up his white cartoon sleeves. View voucher offers on a map of your local area (it helps if it's Central London), get updates on bands from your music library in your calendar and er, look at the weather and horoscopes. It's got potential.

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