Best iPhone apps this week

From sandboxes to Sonic, here's our pick of the week's iPhone apps

Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II £4.99

If you played Sonic 4: Episode I and wanted well, more Sonic – here he is! Our favourite frantic furball is joined by Tails this time – but die-hard Hedgehog fans might not be best pleased to see them snowboarding or flying when all you want to do is pick up speed and knock stuff over.

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Tweetraffic £Free

Social media must be able to help report on traffic; it's already been tried for weather. That's the idea behind this free app – which aims to keep you informed of traffic disruptions in your area. Let's just hope it catches on – we tried it out and could only find one traffic tweet within a 4 mile radius of Trafalgar Square. Hmm.

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HulloMail £Free/ £5.99 a year sub

HulloMail stores your voicemails, tags them with photos from your contacts list and can copy the recordings to email, all for free. But when you fork out for the £6 a year sub and an extra £1.50 (get over it), that's where it gets really interesting – HulloMail's Scribe will convert your voicemails into text using Nuance (aka Siri) tech. Great for work and keeping in touch with parents who can't figure out SMS.

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The Sandbox £Free

A pixellated creation game that starts off simple but will have you scratching your head over how to mix the right elements before long. Once you've mastered it, you can share snaps of your handiwork with your chums. If you loved Minecraft, this basic app is worth a download – and it's free.

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Pandemic 2.5 69p

Turns out Apple fans want to play the villain sometimes – this app has been climbing the App Store hit parade this week with its disease-ridden premise. Customise your 'weapon' with different symptoms and resistances plus take down any governments who try to put vaccinations or quarantines in your way. Weird but popular.

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