Best iPhone apps this week

Jealous of all the attention Android's getting with the Galaxy S3 launch? Here are some bastions of iPhone app excellence to distract you

Amen £Free

We kind of hate that Ashton Kutcher of all people had to say it but definitive statements are cool. The best in fact. This app lets you stick up your unwavering opinions about the best/worst of absolutely anything (people, films, bands, anything), add photos then vote 'Amen' or 'Hell no!' on other opinions.

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Lego Star Wars Funzone £Free

Our list of Lego sets that should be made got you thinking that you need a Mandalorian rock band set? This app does exactly what you hoped it would – it's a funzone showing off other Lego geeks' creations, plus Lego videos and animated web comics. Fun fun fun.

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Eyestalk £1.49

Want to filter your snaps to give you the point of view of a Dalek? Course you do – and with the Eyestalk app you can. There's a B&W 1960s Doctor Who filter and a few more recent styles – the question is, who do you want to exterminate?

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Marvel vs Capcom 2 £1.99

The graphics aren't amazing on this beat'em up but the choice of characters more than makes up for it – take on classic Street Fighter bods with Marvel superheroes like The Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man for some pocket-sized arcade action.

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Echoer £Free

Twitter's only useful for local news and opinions when you're following the right people or hashtags – so Echoer wants to step in to fill the void. It can tell you about local events, gigs and bars, plus there's a map with echoes around you. Neat.

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