Best iPhone apps this week

Set firmly in the Apple camp? Here's some of the best iOS apps to see you through this week

James May's Science Stories £1.99

James May might be the old fashioned one on Top Gear, but he's stolen a march on his colleagues with this up-to-the-minute augmented reality app. The flowery-shirt-wearing car aficionado acts as your AR guide for a smattering of Science Museum exhibits ranging from the Cray super computer to the Model T Ford. Just point your phone at the designated marker and treat yourself to a rather convincing 3D virtual Mr. May, who enlightens your brain with the wonders of science.

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GetTaxi £free

This indispensable app is ideal for flagging down a black cab with minimal fuss. A recent update adds a Taxi Radar which shows you the nearest cabs available and how long they'll take to arrive, and you get pics of your driver, his license plate, telephone number and past rating sent to you while you wait, for peace of mind. GetTaxi's even booked up thousands of hours' worth of taxis for the Olympics, to ensure easier travel during the inevitable chaos.

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Burnout Crash £2.99

Burnout Crash is less about racing, and more about causing wanton destruction via any means possible. Tidal waves, tornadoes, asteroids and even UFOs are at your disposal, coupled with three game modes – ensuring plenty of destructive action. One-on-one battle modes against your friends should also keep things lively, as long as they don't result in any real world crash-a-thons.

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Saving Private Sheep 2 £0.69

A game based on sheep fighting wolves in fierce combat actually exists – and is popular enough that we're getting this Retina Display-ready sequel. The bad guys in question this time round are a bunch of sneaky foxes, who you must dispense of by taking command of the mighty General Sheepard and his catapult. A level creator and a host of gadgets should help to keep things fresh in the long fights ahead.

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Downhill Xtreme £free

Nothing says 'extreme' like a carelessly discarded letter. This fast-paced title sees you step into the shoes of a daredevil longboarder, whose clear disregard for the safety of his bones and organs results in whirlwind races for glory. Lush 3D graphics with lighting and shading effects make for some lovely scenery. Not that you'll have time to enjoy it of course.

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